The Only Record Shop In The Village

The Vinyl Revival Store is "the only record shop in the village" (as far I know it's the only record shop in any village in the UK).  It's also the only record shop in the historic county of Huntingdonshire, and one of the smallest record shops in the UK.  


The shop is in the village of Buckden, conveniently located just off the A1 midway between St. Neots and Huntingdon - see map at bottom of the page.  It's easy and free to park if you come by car, and the 66 bus from St Neots or Huntingdon stops just around the corner. Don't go looking for a shopfront because there isn't one, the shop is in a barn next to my house in Church Street,  just behind the Lion Hotel. The gate is usually open, but please ring the bell as I may be in the house or the garden.

It may not look much from the outside, but step inside and you'll find an Aladdin's Cave packed out with new and used vinyl, and a selection of turntables, record players and hi fi equipment.


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I have been collecting and enjoying vinyl records for over 50 years, although for practical reasons I often listen to other music formats - CD, mp3, Radio, audio streaming etc.  But there is nothing to beat  vinyl. It's not just that it sounds better, it's the whole experience that's more tactile - a vinyl record somehow feels alomost alive when you hold it  - and more visual - a nice big record sleeve has a lot more to delight the eye..  than a little plastic box, or the playlist on your iPhone....some people will also swear that vinyl smells better too. But for many people the joy of vinyl isn't just about the records, it's about how they buy records. I started selling records on the internet in 2000, it's a great way to sell things and it has an amazing reach - I post records to customers all over the world. BUT it lacks the personal touch and for me that's important. Call me old fashioned but given a choice between buying on line or going to a shop, I'll always choose the shop. 

One of the great pleasures I get from my own record collecting is going into a proper record shop where you can browse through the racks, read the sleeve notes at your leisure,  listen before you buy and make your own judgement about the condition of a used record rather than rely on online sellers' descriptions and coded gradings. You can take as long as you like and nobody will try toi hurry you.  You meet people who share your love of music - the owner, store staff and other customers - and will help you discover artists you have never listened to, challenge you to listen to Jazz, or Country or Tibetan Bells and all the other great sounds that have passed you by. They'll help find you the record you're looking for when you can only half remember the title or the name of the band, or from your descrition of the picture on the cover. And even if you walk out without buying anything (not an easy thing to do in my experience) you'll always be welcome next time you call in.

The Only Record Shop In The Village opened for business in November 2015 with one simple aim - to share the joy of record collecting. 


I have some stock that will be of interest to serious collectors and audiophiles, but most of my items for sale are for music lovers who simply who want to enjoy great sounds for a reasonable price.  The great thing about vinyl is that anyone can enjoy it. You don't need to be a serious collector - a second or third pressing of an album, or even a re-release will sound as good as a rare first pressing. You don't need to be an audiophile with an expensive high end audio system - many pop records from the 50's and 60's actually sound better played on a vintage record player or radiogram rather than a HiFi turntable, because that's the equipment they were made to be played on.

Vinyl Records

I have a thousands of preloved LPs and singles covering 7 decades and many genres -  Rock, Blues, Jazz, Soul, R&B, Folk and many more. My stock is varied and constantly changing - please subscribe to my mailing list for regular updates. Due to space constraints I stock only a small selection of new records - mainly reissues of classic albums and a few new releases and limited editions. I can order other items for you. 


New Rega Planar 1 and Planar 2 turntables are available to order (2-4 days) and can be collected from the shop or delivered to you at no extra cost. I also stock Rega cartridges and drive belts, and upgrade kits (I can fit these for a small charge).  Large stock of used turntables - from £40 (basic entry level)  to £2500 (Garrard 301 with slate plinth). Most are priced at between £100 - £250

Vintage Record Players and Radiograms

Record Players - 1950's, 1960's and 1970's - from £100. Radiograms from £150

HIFi Separates

New Blue Aura products - amplifiers and loudspeakers - available to order (1-2 days). Large stock of vintage hifi - loudspeakers, amplifiers, receivers, tuners etc. -  to suit all budgets. Complete systems for playing vinyl - Turntable/Amplifier/Loudspeakers and all cables -  from around £300


Tuesday - Friday 12 noon - 5:30 pm, Saturday 10 am to 5:30 pm. Other times by arrangement - please call me

Equipment demonstrations by appointment.

email  phone 07971 792461



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