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2LP  180g vinyl, in hand‐numbered gatefold sleeve, 16 page full colour booklet and
repro A3 poster

Record Store Day 29th August - Exclusive ReleaseArtist: RAW MATERIAL

Raw Material made little impact on the crowded London scene in the late 60s and early 70s, but their blend of prog, psych and jazz has gone on to become a firm favourite with cognoscenti all over the world. Their classic debut album was originally issued in October 1970, and receives its definitive reissue with this deluxe double LP. As well as the full album, it features both sides of all three singles they’d made to date, as well as the whole of the ‘Sounds Progressive’ LP they'd released under a pseudonym. The set comes in a gatefold sleeve and includes a packed large‐format booklet offering detailed background notes (drawing on original interviews) and copious photos and promo materials, as well as a reproduction of the promo poster sent to a few UK record shops at the time.

Side One
1. Time and Illusion
2. I’d Be Delighted
3. Fighting Cock
Side Two
1. Pear On An Apple Tree
2. Future Recollections
3. Traveller Man
4. Destruction of America
Side Three
1. Time & Illusion (45)
2. Bobo’s Party (45)
3. Hi There Hallelujah (45)
4. Days of the Fighting Cock (45)
5. Traveller Man – Part 1 (45)
6. Traveller Man – Part 2 (45)
Side Four
1. Who Do You Love?
2. Living In The Past
3. Man Of The World
4. I’m A Man
5. Spirit in the Sky
6. Let’s Work Together
7. Second Generation Woman
8. Sympathy
9. Badge
10. Race with the Devil