Fields of the Nephilim - Burning the Fields

Fields of the Nephilim - Burning the Fields

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2LP coloured vinyl

Limited edition. Exclusive release for RECORD STORE DAY 2024

Their debut 'Burning the Fields' EP together with their 'Returning to Gehenna' EP, all remastered, not available on vinyl for 20 years, repackaged in the original sleeve. Limited edition with a RED sleeve, in transparent red vinyl. Plus, a bonus disc – the first time on vinyl for remixes of 1986 tracks, three 1985 demos and a 1997 aborted reunion demo, also remastered. Sleeve notes and unseen photos by gothic commentator Mick Mercer.

Side 1: Burning the Fields EP – Trees Come Down, Back In Gehenna, Darkcell, Laura.
Side 2: Returning to Gehenna EP – Power, Laura (new version), Secrets, The Tower,
Returning to Gehenna (new version)
Side 3: Remixes – Power (Powered Up), Secrets (Cloak & Dagger mix), The Tower
(O'Higgins mix), Power (Power Surge mix)
Side 4: Demos – Dawnrazor (demo), Secrets (demo), Power (demo), Deeper (Deepest