Joshua Jaswon Octet - Polar Waters

Joshua Jaswon Octet - Polar Waters

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2 LP

Released 2nd June 2023

The Joshua Jaswon Octet is a Berlin-based contemporary jazz ensemble, featuring a broad cross-section of exceptional young musicians from Europe's leading jazz scenes. Lead by the London-born saxophonist and composer, the ensemble released its debut album Silent Sea in October 2020, which was selected by BBC Music as one of the best jazz recordings of 2020/21 and received 4 and 5 star reviews across the UK and international media. Polar Waters draws out the distinct musical personalities of each member of the Octet into the group's collective sound was a part of the ensemble's natural evolution from its first record and something that has developed through extended time living with and performing the music. Jaswon focused on exploring the fluidity of roles, sound colours and textural combinations in the ensemble and how this related to both the collective and individual.


1. Swimming in Winter
2. Deception Island
3. Landfill
4. Lost in a Dream
5. Seasick Part I: Gannets
6. Seasick Part II: Swirl and Gather
7. Seasick Part III: Breaking Down
8. Seasick Part IV: Immortal Particles
9. Seasick Part V: Bright Polar Waters
10. Karner Blue
11. Swimming in Winter Reprise
12. Enigma