Nico - At The Live Inn, Tokyo '86

Nico - At The Live Inn, Tokyo '86

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LP clear green vinyl

Limited edition. Exclusive release for RECORD STORE DAY 2024

Exclusive European RECORD STORE DAY release - Not on the RSD UK list

The vinyl recording of Nico’s iconic Live Inn performance in Tokyo stands as a cherished gem. It encapsulates the haunting allure of her deep vocals in tracks like “Janitor of Lunacy” and “Tananore”, drawing listeners into her captivating melancholy. With “All Tomorrow’s Parties” and “Femme Fatale,” it weaves a tapestry of intriguing contrasts. Culminating with The Doors’ “The End,” the record plunges the atmosphere into profound introspection, leaving an enduring imprint of this evanescent moment.

Side A
1. My Heart Is Empty
2. Purple Lips
3. Tananore
4. Janitor of Lunacy
5. You Forget to Answer
6. 60/40
Side B
1. My Funny Valentine
2. All Tomorrow’s Parties
3. Das Lied Von Einsanen Madchens
4. Femme Fatale
5. The End