Primal Scream - Demodelica

Primal Scream - Demodelica

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2 LP  

2021 Columbia – 19439904551

Demodelica brings together a load of different versions of classic cuts from Primal Schemas Screamadelica album.  All of the 16 tracks here are previously unreleased demo versions that offer a real insight into how the final album came together. The works in progress versions are just as interesting and the whole thing comes with some new notes from Jon Savage. Whether it's the rawness of 'I'm Comin' Down' (Isle Of Dogs Home Studio) or the intensity of 'Movin' On Up' (Hackney Studio demo).


A1 Come Together (Jam Studio Monitor Mix) 5:56
A2 Damaged (Hackney Studio Demo) 2:22
A3 Movin' On Up (Hackney Studio Demo) 3:20
B1 Higher Than The Sun (Isle Of Dogs Home Studio) 2:16
B2 Higher Than The Sun (Jam Studio Monitor Mix) 3:28
B3 I'm Comin' Down (Isle Of Dogs Home Studio) 4:50
B4 I'm Comin' Down (Jam Studio Monitor Mix) 4:18
C1 Don't Fight It, Feel It (Isle Of Dogs Home Studio) 2:11
C2 Don't Fight It, Feel It (Isle Of Dogs Hypnotone Mix) 3:55
C3 Don't Fight It, Feel It (EMI Publishing Studio Mix) 4:54
C4 Inner Flight (Hackney Studio Vocal Mix) 1:26
C5 Inner Flight (Henry Accapella Jam Studio) 1:12
C6 Inner Flight (Jam Studio Monitor Mix) 3:48
D1 Shine Like Stars (Jam Studio Monitor Mix) 4:06
D2 Shine Like Stars (Eden Studios Demo) 2:46
D3 Screamadelica (Eden Studios Demo) 4:50