Public Enemy	- Revolverlution Tour 2003

Public Enemy - Revolverlution Tour 2003

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Limited edition. Exclusive release for RECORD STORE DAY 2024

Exclusive European RECORD STORE DAY release - Not on the RSD UK list

Explore the intensity of Public Enemy’s Revolverlution Tour with the triple live album from their 2003 concert at Nightclub The Metro. Immerse yourself in the rebellious hip-hop of Chuck D, Flavor Flav, and their crew, featuring iconic hits like “Fight the Power,” “Bring the Noise,” and “Don’t Believe the Hype.” This triple album is a window into
Public Enemy’s cultural impact, an unforgettable auditory experience for fans of conscious hip-hop and music collectors.

Side A
1 Intro
2 Brothers Gonna Work It Out
3 Welcome to the Terrordome
4 Bring the Noise
5 Son of a Bush
6 Shut 'Em Down
Side B
1 Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos
2 He Got Game & Band Presentation
3 Revolverlution
4 911 is a Joke
5 Public Enemy No. 1
Side C
1 DJ Lord Solo
2 Give It Up
3 Don't Believe the Hype
4 Rebel Without a Pause
5 By the Time I Get to Arizona
Side D
1 Fight the Power
2 Dj Set
3 Flavor Flav Freestyle
4 Drum Solo
5 Shake Your Body
6 Sabotage
Side E
1 Know Applause
2 Pressure
3 Medley Guitar
4 Rock Box
5 What Good Is a Bomb
6 Prophets of Rage
Side F
1 Can't Trust It
2 Do You Wanna Go Our Way???
3 Gotta Give the Peeps What They Need
4 Hazy Shade of Criminal/She Watch Channel Zero
5 Thank you