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5 LP Box set

Record Store Day 29th August - Exclusive Release

In December 1971, Sun Ra made an impromptu trip to Egypt with his Arkestra, his first time in the country. Hosted by drummer Salah Ragab and Goethe Institute's Hartmut Geerken, they performed hastily arranged concerts at Ballon Theatre in Cairo and at Geerken's house in Heliopolis. The performances emerged on three LPs released by Ra during the '70s: 'Horizon', 'Nidhamu' and 'Dark Myth Visitation Equation'. These three LPs now receive their first reissue on vinyl alongside 2 LPs of previously unreleased recordings. Rare photos and extensive new liner notes by Geerken and Paul Griffiths complete a definitive package celebrating Sun Ra's iconic trip to the Land of Ra.

LP 1 Sun Ra And His Astro-Intergalactic-Infinity-Arkestra – Dark Myth Equation Visitation / Nature’S God (Live In Egypt, Vol. 1)
A1. Discipline No. 27 (3.55)
A2. Interview With Ra
A3. Solar Ship Voyage (2.33)
A4. Interview With Ra (Concluded)
A5. Cosmo-Darkness (2.08)
A6. The Light Thereof (5.12)
B1. Friendly Galaxy No. 2 (10.16)
B2. To Nature’S God (9.05)
B3. Why Go To The Moon? (2.39)

LP 2 - Sun Ra And His Astro-Intergalactic-Infinity-Arkestra - Nidhamu (Live In Egypt, Vol. Ii)
A1. Space Loneliness No. 2 (11.41)
A2. Discipline No. 11 (2.44)
A3. Discipline No. 15 (9.39)
B1. Nidhamu (13.12)

LP 3 - Sun Ra And His Solar Arkestra - Horizon
A1. Starwatchers / Theme Of The Stargazers (1.22)
A2. Discipline No. 2 (5.28)
A3. The Shadow World (16.42) – Lp Version Edited
B1. Third Planet (6.44)
B2. Space Is The Place (6.10)
B3. Horizon (5.31)
B4. Discipline No. 8 (11.22)


LP 4 - Sun Ra - In Heliopolis: Unreleased Recordings
A1. Next Stop Mars (6.27)
A2. Pleiades (1.59)
A3. We’Ll Wait For You (8.39)
A4. The Bridge (4.50)
B1. Nidhamu (Part 1) (13.31)
B2. Nidhamu (Part 2) (6.04)
B3. Discipline No. 27 (1.16)
B4. They’Ll Come Back (0.43)


LP 5 - Sun Ra - Egyptian Oasis: Unreleased Recordings
A1. Calling Planet Earth (2.51)
A2. Imagination (1.19)
A3. Discipline (3.47)
A4. Angels And Demons At Play (3.12)
A5. We Sing This Song (5.44)
A6. Space Is The Place (5.14)
B1. Organ Interlude (1.16)
B2. Angels And Demons At Play (13.34)
B3. Egyptian Oasis 1 (3.06)
B4. Egyptian Oasis 2 (3.33)