The Jam - SNAP!

The Jam - SNAP!

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2 LP  + 7"

Reissue 2LP on Polydor. Comes in a gatefold sleeve, with original artwork – printed inner sleeves and original ‘free’ live 7” EP. Remastered at Abbey Road.

Originally released in 1983, Snap! was the first ‘greatest hits’ collection from The Jam and appeared just after Paul Weller took the shock decision to split up the band at the height of their popularity and success. The title Snap! originates from the production, the A&R team and the band in the studio listening back to recording sessions and deciding if the track had the necessary distinctive Jam ‘snap’ sound to make the cut…!! The original 29-track album with chronological sequencing clearly illustrates their brief but stunning story, from explosive debut on the embryonic English punk scene and their meteoric rise to become one of the greatest and best-loved British bands. From their thrilling debut single – In The City to their farewell – Beat Surrender the collection features 16 top-30 singles – 4 number ones! Features hit singles – Down In The Tube Station At Midnight, Strange Town, When You’re Young, Going Underground, That’s Entertainment, Start!, Town Called Malice, The Eton Rifles and many more. Also includes remarkable B-side tracks such as The Butterfly Collector and Tales from the Riverbank.


A1 In The City
A2 Away From The Numbers
A3 All Around The World
A4 The Modern World
A5 News Of The World
A6 Billy Hunt
A7 English Rose
A8 Mr Clean
B1 David Watts
B2 A Bomb In Wardour Street
B3 Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
B4 Strange Town
B5 The Butterfly Collector
B6 When You're Young
B7 Smithers-Jones
B8 Thick As Thieves

C1 The Eton Rifles
C2 Going Underground
C3 Dreams Of Children
C4 That's Entertainment
C5 Start!
C6 Man In The Corner Shop
C7 Funeral Pyre
D1 Absolute Beginners
D2 Tales From The Riverbank
D3 Town Called Malice
D4 Precious
D5 The Bittterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)
D6 Beat Surrender

7" EP
E1 Move On Up (Recorded Live At Wembley Arena 2 & 3 December 1982)
E2 Get Yourself Together (Recorded Live At Wembley Arena 2 & 3 December 1982)
F1 The Great Depression (Recorded Live At Wembley Arena 2 & 3 December 1982)
F2 But I'm Different Now (Recorded Live At Wembley Arena 2 & 3 December 1982)