Various Artists - Trashmouth Records.. 10 years Not Dead - LP RSD21

Various Artists - Trashmouth Records.. 10 years Not Dead - LP RSD21

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LP  Gold vinyl

Exclusive release for Record Store Day 2021 - Drop 2

"Trashmouth Records.. 10 years Still Not Dead" marks the 10th aniversary of the inception of the Trashmouth experiment and features remixes of some of the labels favorite tracks and artists.. The LP will of course be pressed on the finest affordable, luxurious fake-gold vinyl & encompass a visual history of the label within its artwork, featuring photographs of the now legendary Trashmouth nights at the Brixton Windmill, where bands bitched & bonded, blood, booze & tears were spilled in almost equal measure & the seeds of a small corner of modern musical history were inadvertently sewn.

A1. Fat White Family - Heaven On Earth (Trashmouth Remix)
A2. Warmduscher - The Salamander (Trashmouth Remix)
A3. Taman Shud - The Hex Inverted (Trashmouth Remix)
A4. Madonnatron - Venus & Rahu (Trashmouth Remix)
B1. Weston Decker - Lazy (Trashmouth Remix)
B2. Meatraffle - The Horseshoe (Trashmouth Remix)
B3. Chupa Cabra - Violent Urges (Trashmouth Remix)
B4. Pit Ponies - Arrogant & Sad (Trashmouth Remix)

Available only instore from 08:00 Saturday 17th July - any remaining stock will be released for online sales at 6pm 

All RSD titles restricted to 1 copy per customer