Various Artists - Psyche France Vol 9

Various Artists - Psyche France Vol 9

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The Psyché France collection, dedicated to a certain French alternative pop, has more surprises in store with this 9th volume! This new immersion in the 60's and 70's will astonish you with curiosities concocted by psychedelic visionaries and forgotten mavericks. Start the adventure with Gascon troublemaker Jacques Filh and his striking anthem about the famous Drugstore des Champs-Elysées, before listening to the highly cult Calcium, whose drummer was Alain Sireguy, and Jacqueline Taieb. Very rare 'Anita' by Claude Guilain, who was a member of the group L'assemblée, will delight fans before a roaring instrumental by the Electric Max Band (alias Jean-Pierre Castelain), followed a De Roubaixyesque track by Patrick Roche and the sensual 'Femme' by Patcho. More after the inevitable band Triangle, Guy Skornik will open the side B with 'Gurdjieff', from the album 'Pour Pauwels', before Voyage and especially Quo Vadis, produced by eminence grise Igor Wakhévitch, give this side a more Rock-like feel. The same Wakhévitch concludes this collection with his 'Sang pourpre', taken from the legendary Docteur Faust' album

Side A
1. Jacques Filh / Je drague au drug 1:50 (P) 1968
2. Calcium / Elle regarde et elle rit 2:37 (P) 1969
3. Jacqueline Taieb/ Bonjour Brésil 3:04 (P) 1969
4. Claude Guilain / Anita 4:34 (P) 1969
5. Electric Max Band (J. P. Castelain) / Knives, Feathers and Fire 4:49 (P) 1972
6. Patrick Roche / Comme ça sans rien dire 3:10 (P) 1972
7. Patcho / Femme 2:50 (P) 1971

Side B
1. Triangle / le matin du premier jour 3:54 (P) 1972
2. Guy Skornik / Gurdjieff 5:56 (P) 1970
3. Quo Vadis / Devant et derrière 3:08 (P) 1972
4. Voyage / Tout Jouer 4:01 (P) 1974
5. Igor Wakhévitch / Sang pourpre (P) 1971