Blues Incorporated  - BBC Sessions 1962 – 1965

Blues Incorporated - BBC Sessions 1962 – 1965

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Limited edition. 

Not on the official RECORD STORE DAY list, but this is a great album on Rhythm and Blues Records showcasing the band that gave birth to the British Blues

The music on this album is representative of the three main “lives” of Blues Incorporated. The first and most well-known is the outfit which made their debut album, R&B From The Marquee featuring vocals from Cyril Davies and Long John Baldry. Secondly, the late ’63 to early ’65 period when the band were fronted by experienced black American vocalist, Herbie Goins. Finally the spell from mid ’65 to ’66 when the band were effectively without a vocalist other than Alexis Korner himself. Blues Inc. released four studio LP’s, one live LP and two UK singles from 1962 to 1966 but the disc you have in your hands is the first vinyl LP to zero-in on the band at the Beeb. All tracks excellent sound quality except*

Side One. 1. Rockin' 2. Overdrive 3. I Need Your Loving 4. Turn On Your Lovelight 5. Roberta 6. Every Day I Have The Blues 7. Oh Lord, Don't Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb On Me 8. Sappho* Side Two. 1. River's Invitation* 2. Blues À La King 3. The Organiser 4. Watermelon Man 5. Back At The Chicken Shack 6. Trouble In Mind 7. The Jailbird 8. Hey Hey*