Christy Moore	- Flying Into Mystery

Christy Moore - Flying Into Mystery

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Limited edition

Release date 19th November

The new studio album, from legendary singer/song writer, Christy Moore, will be released worldwide on 19th Nov. Featuring twelve songs, "Flying into Mystery" is a collection that Christy has brought to life through his distinctive writing and unique interpretation of other Artist’s songs. One of the most compelling and inspirational musicians Ireland has ever seen, Christy has a universal fan base and still continues to entertain, cementing him as an Irish icon. It is his deep urge to connect with the listener and to transmit the meaning of the songs he sings that has endeared him to audiences of all ages. Standard CD format & single, Black, 180gm gatefold LP Vinyl format. Christy has released more than 25 solo albums, from Paddy on the Road (1969) through to his multi-platinum pair of live albums, On the Road and Magic Nights (2017 & 2019). 

Track List:
1. Johnny Boy
2. Clock Winds Down
3. Greenland
4. Flying into Mystery
5. Gasún
6. All I Remember
7. December 1942
8. Van Diemen’s Land
9. Bord na Móna Man
10. Myra’s Caboose
11. Zozimus and Zimmerman
12. I Pity the Poor Immigrant