Ian Carr's Nucleus - Roots

Ian Carr's Nucleus - Roots

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Scottish trumpeter and composer Ian Carr formed Nucleus at the turn of the Seventies, turning in a highly respectable (and much sought-after) string of prog/jazz/rock fusion albums. ‘Roots’, originally released in 1973, is arguably the most treasured of these, full of funky breakbeats - the title track was sampled by Madlib. It’s now reissued by Be With, remastered from the original tapes.

A1 : Roots (9:24)
A2 : Images (4:55)
A3 : Caliban (4:35)

B1 : Whapatiti (3:22)
B2 : Capricorn (4:00)
B3 : Odokamona (3:24)
B4 : Southern Roots And Celebration (7:45)

Label: BE WITH

Catalogue no. BEWITH102LP