Willie Tee	- First Taste of Hurt /I'm Having so Much Fun  RSD22

Willie Tee - First Taste of Hurt /I'm Having so Much Fun RSD22

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7" blood starburst coloured vinyl

Exclusive release for Record Store Day 2022

Following on from the incredible success of 2020's "Teasin' You Again", we're proud to follow that up with one of Willie Tee's greatest double-siders and one of his very rarest 45s. Welcome to the incredible "First Taste Of Hurt" backed with "I'm Having So Much Fun". This record was first discovered in Los Angeles in 1976 primarily for "I'm Having So Much Fun" which drew interest from the Northern Soul crowd but then "First Taste Of Hurt" started catching on in wider circles. These days "First Taste Of Hurt" is the key side with a truly international audience across several scenes. An original Gatur copy of this will set you back £5000 and even the UK Grapevine re-issue will cost you the best part of £100 these days. Expect another across-the-board Willie Tee smash which will match perfectly with "Teasin' You Again" and sell to many audiences.